Is your organization a 501C3 non-profit?  Got an event? Well, let us know about it. We will sort thru the events that meet our guidelines and that would be of interest to our community. 

Events are sorted by distance, nearest to you, and ordered by date, which makes it easier to find events in your current area or scroll down the events and see what events are happening around the world. 

To submit an event that you would like to appear in the Events section, please email us at

Include the following information:

    Your name (First and Last)

    Your Email Address

    Your Contact Phone Number

    Organizations name    

    Event Name

    Event Date

    Event times  from and thru

    Event Location (City, State, Zip Code)


Note: Submitting an event must meet the following criteria:

  • This event is open to the general public (no private parties or birthdays)
  • This event is not explicitly sexual in nature (no bath house events, etc.)
  • This event is not a regular or recurring event (no more frequent than once every quarter)
  • This event must be a broad interest to the community
  • This event is not a cruise
  • This event is not a trip or tour
  • This event will happen in the next 6 months

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